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The Art of COOKING WELL.... a little play on words! 

Cooking Well really is an "Art" and it's one of the arts that I am passionate about. Come and join me... and bring a friend.

"COOKING WELL" in the lead up to Christmas will feature recipes, tips and some of my secrets that will enable you to enjoy festive treats while adhering to a Gluten/Dairy free diet. On 24th November we will use the WOK to create delicious, easy Christmas puddings... Yes, you can have delicious and indulgent foods just like everyone else!!! This recipe is a lot easier than you think. 

"COOKING WELL"  hints at the fact that the food that we will be cooking needs to keep us "well" (in good health) and for me that means avoiding both GLUTEN and DAIRY... so everything demonstrated in these cooking classes will be gluten and dairy free. This may be refreshing news for you, especially if you or a family member or a friend have recently found the need for dietary restrictions. Come along and I will share some recipes, tips, ingredients and ideas that I have developed over the years that I have been cooking this way. Even if this isn't a concern for you, come anyway. All recipes can be adapted and you can add as much gluten and dairy as you like when you cook it again at home for yourself. Anyway, I'd love to prove to you that gluten/dairy free doesn't have to mean flavour free!!! Come and be surprised.

"COOKING WELL"  also refers to the act of cooking in a skilled way... this requires know-how and quality equipment. For me, of course, that means using THE CHEFS TOOLBOX products, and I will proudly promote them and show you why they are the best for your kitchen too. I am so confident that you will love TCT products, and so keen for you to try them, that I am willing to refund part of your Class Entry fee when you order any TCT products to the value of $50 or more. (Refund amount given on the day of the class, and will vary depending on what we have cooked)

I hope to run these cooking classes fortnightly, and will feature both a savoury and a sweet recipe each time. The classes are timed to finish with the sampling of the dishes as our midday meal... so you will be learning new recipes, picking up new cooking tips and eating lunch... all for $25 (partly refundable if you order $50+ products from The Chefs Toolbox).

Please spread the word about these classes, particularly if you know of someone who requires assistance in coping with newly discovered dietary restrictions.

If you bring a friend, I will reward you with a free gift.

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL as numbers are limited.

$25.00 AUD
Friday, 24 November, 2017 -
11:00 to 12:30
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