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  • "A COUNTRY CHRISTMAS" is your opportunity to celebrate a good old-fashioned Christmas party! Perfect if you don't have a work party to go to. Perfect if you like Christmas with a 'country' flavour! This will be a relaxed day with great music, including original songs as well as traditional Christmas sing-alongs.

    17 Dec 2023 - 12:00
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While much of my time is still dedicated to TUTORING (message me for details). I am excited to announce that ART has returned to BAYVIEW COUNTRY ART CLUB!

If you are keen to learn the basics of creating beautiful and usable MOSAIC master-pieces, sign up to the two week course and join the small group of adventurous crafters.

Running on two Thursday mornings in May, this will be a fun introduction to the skills required to produce simple mosaic works.


Art is back!!!


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