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Bayview Country Art Club was established by Jenny Keck, after more than 25 years of teaching Art in school.

“During my years as a Primary Art teacher, many parents have expressed amazement at the creative achievements of their children, often making remarks such as “I don’t know where that came from! I’m not creative!” My response was always the same… You are creative; you just haven’t discovered it yet.”

Bayview Country Art Club aims to encourage you as you explore and discover your own creativity. Courses are offered to appeal to children of all ages, from Toddlers to their Grandparents! You are never too old or too young to realise your potential. No prior skills or experience is necessary. Each course is offered on the understanding that everyone is creative, and the activities are designed to be both engaging and challenging. Your journey of creative discovery will be one of enjoyment and positive encouragement.

Sometimes there will be specific teaching of particular skills or techniques, but the general approach is to allow the artist to discover their own unique style. No-one ‘taught’ Van Gogh how to apply the paint the way he did; the Impressionist artists didn’t refer to a ‘how to’ manual when they experimented with light and colour… at Bayview Country Art Club you will not be told to adopt any particular style or method. You will learn about your medium, you will have the opportunity to share your ideas with your fellow travelers, and you will certainly have a safe and encouraging environment to explore your creativity and develop your own style.

A life lived creatively is a full and satisfying life. The desire of Bayview Country Art Club is to promote healthy and confident creativity.

Courses will be offered at various times throughout the year. Each course will have a specified duration and will target a particular age group. Please visit the website regularly to be updated with current courses and vacancies. Online booking and payment is preferred.

You will also notice that Bayview Country Art Club regularly hosts "HOUSE CONCERTS", featuring some of Australia's best Country music artists. This has evolved from Jenny's passionate support of Country Music and a desire to share that with others by providing opportunities for artist and audience to meet in a relaxed and intimate setting. Over recent years these House Concerts have become more and more popular, now happening almost monthly and attracting the interest of some outstanding musicians. Bittern is fast becoming the destination of choice for artists touring Victoria. Be sure to check what concerts are featured each time you visit the website.