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WORK TO BE DONE! 9/02/15

Work to be done! What an understatement that is…. I still have boxes of art ‘stuff’ to sort and label, supplies to purchase, and lessons to plan. However, by the time you read this, the website will be live…Yay!

I have made the decision to defer the Monday night Adult Art Classes until Term 2. I’m the boss, so I can make these decisions! I was just feeling too pressured with all I still need to achieve, and I think it’s better to start ‘well’ at a later date, than it is to start in a rush and not do it justice. So that gives my more mature students a bit of time to think about it and plan for some creative blossoming in Term 2.

The Introductory Primary classes remain the same. Please share this information with any friends or family who may be interested. We only have a week to fill these two After School Art groups.

Well, back to the physical work for me now. I’m looking forward to showing you the “after” photos to compliment these pictures.